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James Hoffmann – What a difference a few years make…
August 9, 2007, 10:50 am
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Just reading passed blog entries from James Hoffmann, the 2007 World Barista Champion, and found this:

Coffee Sabayon 

October 23rd, 2004 by kingseven

Spent some time in the ICO library digging through some old texts with some very unusual recipes. A few were in french so I need to get them translated. There are also a few good ideas for signature drinks. Those I don’t use I will probably send in to Grind Magazine or something.
The library are willing to have me back any time – which is nice. I never realised there are so many periodicals written on coffee. Saves me subscribing to Fresh Cup anyway!

Starting to practise in earnest for competition today. Trying to work out times and the like. I haven’t done it before for fear that I am too rubbish!”

Self-doubt to undeniable recognition.

Edit: As James pointed out in his comment, he has since moved his blog to, so for anyone looking for recent entries, go there – it’s quite enjoyable to read. 


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Thanks for the link – though the uk barista wordpress site has now pretty much been replaced and completely moved across to

I am still surprised I won – I don’t think you ever get rid of the self doubt!

Comment by James Hoffmann

Wow, hello James. I didn’t expect a comment from the champ himself. I just edited the post with your link.

Best of luck in all your future pursuits. Even though your blog is my only connection to you (and the internet can be quite the impersonal venue), I’m really happy that you won. I imagine the next year will be a whirlwind of fun.

The self doubt is what keeps us grounded and always searching for more answers. It never ends, and that’s why I like this business.

Comment by Adam

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